Keynote Session II: Rural History in Europe – Rural History in Switzerland

The aim of this Keynote-Session is to reflect on the development of rural history in Europe in the last two decades and to look more closely at one of its specific results: the 12-volume Rural History in Europe series published by Brepols.


Anne-Lise Head-König, Swiss Rural History Society

Rural History in Europe and Switzerland: Development and Perspectives:

Gérard Béaur: Rural history in Europe in the last two decades – an overview and analysis

Sacha Zala: Rural History in Switzerland: from the fringe to the centre?

Rural History in Europe – a 12 volume series published by Brepols:

Jürgen Schlumbohm: Twelve workshops, twelve books – achievements, shortcomings and perspectives


Sandra Swart; Juan Pan-Montojo; Nigel Swain


Gérard Béaur, Prof. EHESS Paris, Chairman of the Management Committee PROGRESSORE

Juan Pan-Montojo, Prof. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Jürgen Schlumbohm, Prof. em., Göttingen, Vice-Chairman of the Management Committee PROGRESSORE

Nigel Swain, Prof. University of Liverpool

Sandra Swart, Prof. Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Sacha Zala, Dr., Director Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DODIS); President elect of the Swiss Society for History