Rural History 2013

Rural History 2013 was the first conference held under the auspices of the European Rural History Organisation (EURHO). It stood in the tradition of the Rural History 2010 conference held in 2010 in Brighton an took place at the University of Bern from 19-22 August 2013. More than 300 participants from virtually every country in Europe as well as from Africa, Asia and the Americas presented and discussed their newest research. The keynote sessions illustrated that rural historians do not solely look backwards but also reflect on their own activities.

While Rural History 2013 in many ways was the culmination of the numerous new initiatives launched by rural historians since the early 1990s, we are happy to announce that the preparations for the next two conferences are already under way. In 2015 EURHO goes to Spain (Girona) and in 2017 to Belgium (Leuven).

The Swiss Rural History Society (SRHS) and the Archives of Rural History (ARH) in Bern as organisers of Rural History 2013 keep this website active until our colleagues in Spain take over.